COMStar Computing Technology Institute is playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for multi-disciplinary research and application in related fields.
Our overriding goal is to use the best science and technology available to bring the most effective ideas and approaches to enhancing everyday life. For us, making the world a better place is not wishful thinking. It is the goal that drives us. The intellectual diversity of our teams enables us to bring together experts from many fields in the search for innovative answers to any challenge.
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We believe that appropriate investment in Big Data will not only lead to a new wave of fundamental technological advances that will be embodied in the next generations of Big Data management platforms, systems, and products, but also has the potential to create huge economic value in the world economy for years to come.


Driverless cars are one of the great technological advances for future transportation. With the investments by the U.S. government and innovative companies, several companies and research institutions working in the field have fully demonstrated that self-driving vehicles are technically viable nowadays. There is a common goal of making driverless cars a reality by 2020s.


Virtual reality is part of a booming wearable technology industry that took steps toward a big breakout recently. VR has been on the verge of taking off for decades due to its high price and nauseating effects. The latest VR headsets offer more than a mere doorway into wire-frame worlds. Are we finally about to lay our hands on the decent VR headset we’ve all be waiting for?


COM.Geo is a leading-edge conference for computing for geospatial research and application. COM.Geo focuses on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. It is an exclusive event that builds a bridge between computing and geospatial areas.

R & D Labs

AI & Big Data Lab

We have developed a groundbreaking intelligent Big Data computing approach based on a new type of brain computational model. This novel tech outperforms traditional techs in speed, efficiency, accuracy, unstructured data, stream processing, etc. It's been used for Precision Medicines, genomic research, bioinformatics, diagnostics, fraud detection, etc.

VR Lab

Virtual reality is part of a booming wearable technology industry that took steps toward a big breakout recently. We focuses on innovative R&D on touchless VR interaction, fast motion tracking, etc.

Imaging & Vis Lab

Our team focuses on cutting-edge imaging, computer vision and visualization technologies, such as image/video object detection, tracking, feature extraction, 3D object reconstruction through images or videos, GPGPUs, large-data visualization, 3D printing, etc.

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